Monday, November 30, 2009

A Distinct Lack of Respect.

Those who have never served in our Armed Forces may find what I have to say today rather trivial.  That’s because you have never laid down your life for your buddies and something bigger than all of you.  When a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, of Airman makes the ultimate sacrifice those who have served understand that a debt of honor is owed to that person that can never be repaid.  All we can do is render all of the respect and honor that we possibly can at every opportunity we can find.  There is a movie that I’d like to recommend to everyone.  The name of the flick is “Taking Chance.”  It is about a young Marine killed in Iraq and is being escorted home by a Marine officer.  The young Marine’s name is Chance and the screen play was taken directly from the diary of the Marine officer. If you watch the movie and have any questions about anything in it, feel free to ask me.  It would be an honor and pleasure to help you.

Having said all of that, I can now get to the point of today’s post.  I’m sure that no one is unaware of the fact that a short time ago 13 U.S. Army Soldiers were gunned down aboard their own base at a time when they had no means to defend themselves.  Forty two soldiers were also wounded in the attack.  Whether the shooter had any ties to any known terrorist group, it was an attack by a terrorist in our ongoing war against terror. A few days after the attack there was a memorial service for those killed.  The president attended the memorial service.  I know that this president knows how to render a hand salute, I’ve seen him return the salute of his Marine honor guards.  When The National Anthem was played to honor these brave soldiers full honors should have been shown.  It was by everyone on that podium except for the alleged Commander-in-chief.  He could have simply placed his hand over his heart or rendered a hand salute, but apparently this president does not have enough respect for our National Anthem or for fallen soldiers to render any kind of salute.  I am disgusted by this photo.  I think you will be too.  Remember, this picture was taken as the National Anthem was being played at the memorial service for the soldiers killed at Fort Hood.

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