Monday, January 18, 2010

Michael Mann's Newest Outrage

Ok, here’s a good one.  Do you remember Michael Mann?  He’s the Penn State University professor that is currently under investigation by the university for his part in Climategate.  You know, the little rift when it became public that some climate “scientists” were fudging on the results to prove that Global Warming was true.  Now, keeping the Global Warming lie intact is very important to the progressives (I.e. Liberals) in general and to the BHO Administration in particular.  Remember, if Global Warming isn’t true it will make it very difficult to justify The Anointed One bowing to the Copenhagen accord.

 It makes sense that if the university is investigating Professor Mann, that they may have stopped funding his “research.”  What’s a fear-mongered to do?  Easy.  Stimulus Money.  That’s right, our government is financially supporting Michael Mann’s bogus research.  I wonder if it will affect the outcome.  Wait, we already know about Mann’s penchant for juggling results, so when offered over a half million dollars to produce results for the Obama Administration do you really think that he’s going to suddenly go honest?

I know, some people are going to claim that I’m pulling facts and figures out of my hat, or somewhere a couple of feet lower, or that I’m getting all my news from Fox.  Not so Polar Bear Breath, “The National Center for Public Policy Research is a non-partisan educational foundation based in Washington, DC. It receives the vast majority of its funding from hundreds of thousands of individual donors; and receives less than one percent of its funding from corporate sources.” ( And that is where I got the information that I based this, my latest tidbit of journalistic excellence.  So there.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Does Lincoln Know Something that We Don't Know?

Ok, I know I’ve really been lazy lately but I’m back now.

I think there is something going on inside the beltway that we need to talk about.  Poll after poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans do not want this monstrosity of a health care bill to pass.  Yet, with only 35% of the country supporting it, the libs will stop at nothing to pass this. Why?  We have repeatedly told our “representatives” in Congress to vote against this measure, all to no avail.  Why?  I have sent three personal e-mails to Blanche Lincoln and I’ve signed numerous online petitions.  No answer.  Again, why?  Our elected officials seem to not care one bit about the wishes of their constituents.  And again, that question, why?

I have wracked my brain to try to figure out why an elected official would go against the majority of his or her constituents.  I have come up with four reasons why our “Senator” Lincoln would vote for the healthcare reform bill even though 61% of Arkansans are opposed to the passage of  it.  None of them are good.

The overriding theme of the first two reasons is that Blanche Lincoln knows something that the voters of Arkansas don’t know.  So here are the only  reasons that I can think of why an elected official would thumb her nose at her constituency:
The Senator has been assured that the election in November is already fixed by the ACORN operatives so she doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected.  The fix is already in.
The Senator has been assured that a new “crisis” will give the President all the impetus he needs to declare a National Emergency and suspend the Constitution and not allow free elections.
The Senator has no desire to be re-elected.  Maybe she’s ready to retire on a huge pension that we, the people whom she betrayed will pay for.
The most likely reason; the “Senator” thinks we, the people, are so stupid that we won’t remember come November what she did to us.  She is confident that no one will challenge her for the Democratic nomination and she thinks we are just a bunch of lemmings that will always, without question, vote Democrat.

As I said none of the reasons are good.  Of course now that she has voted for Cloture, Blanche may be allowed to vote against the bill if Dingy Harry is certain that he has enough votes to pass the bill without her.  Her mantra for her re-election bid will be that she voted against the healthcare reform bill.  Of course, the media will sit up and tell the public exactly what she wants the people to hear and you will never hear about the fact that she could have killed the bill by refusing to vote for cloture.  She knew, just as all of us knew, that if they had enough votes for cloture, the bill would almost assuredly pass.

We can not let this stand.  Together we can stop Blanche Lincoln from ever entering the Senate Chambers again without a visitors pass.  There are organizations all over the state that are networking together to vote her out.  You don’t have to become a member of an organization to follow what we are doing.  All we need is for you to be well-informed.  Do not get all of your information from just one source, regardless what that source is.  Find resources on the internet, listen to both network and conservative news media.  Make sure you know the truth, not just what one person wants you to think is the truth.  If you want more information you can contact me or my organization.  Together we can do this.

John A. Wilson
Conservative Action Project of Union County
(870) 814-7528