Saturday, October 31, 2009

Even though I’ve been told I shouldn’t do this, or actually in spite of it, I would like to I want to tell you all a fable.  This is of my own making and I’ve been thinking about it a great deal.  I hope you can see what the moral is and how it applies to all of us.

A single drop of rain floated peacefully in a cloud high above the ground.  The raindrop happened to look down and saw a single flower wilting in the dry earth.  The raindrop knew that the flower needed water, but it was well aware of the fact that it alone would make no difference in the huge expanse of dry ground.  The raindrop thought, “That flower is going to die if someone doesn’t do something.  But what difference would I make?  I am only a single drop of rain.”  So the little raindrop did nothing.  It just floated on in its cloud and never even considered what kind of difference it could make if it had just gotten together with all of the other raindrops.  The flower died and the world was a little less beautiful because one little raindrop thought he could make no difference.

I really do think that the little raindrop should have looked at this picture before thinking that one raindrop can’t make a difference.  This, after all, is the result of single raindrops, countless millions of them, but still individual drops.

                                                    Grand Canyon, Arizona

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