Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Second Amendment

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on a vehicle that really got me started thinking. The sticker was on the back of a vehicle that belongs to a friend of mine. I’ve probably seen the sticker dozens of times, but yesterday I really noticed it and spent a bit of time thinking it over. It is amazing how much can be said with just nine words. Those few simple words were, “The Second Amendment makes all of the others possible.” Roll that around in your mind for a minute. All that this country is, it owes to the fact that our founding fathers recognized the importance of the government having something to fear from the populace, not the other way around.

That, of course, brings to mind the words of Thomas Jefferson, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fear the people there is liberty.” This is as true today as it was way back then. The government should fear the people. Over the course of several years the government seems to have lost its fear of the people. I recently saw a video of Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, explain how the Obama campaign was able to control the press. It’s very disturbing to hear someone with her level of power talk about how they forced the media to concentrate on the words Obama said rather than things he had done and the kind of people he hung out with. Why would this be disturbing? I will try to explain.

This administration knows that, with the exception of Fox News and talk radio, they control the media. That is exactly why this administration has declared war on Fox News. The libs have been screaming against talk radio for years. If the government is able to control the media, they can slip all manner of unconstitutional acts into innocuous-looking bills and no one will be any the wiser. Until it’s too late. Total control over the media will also ensure that the ruling party will never be voted out of office. They will have a permanent majority and will lord it over any opposition.

What has that got to do with the Second Amendment? It’s simple, an armed populace is a threat to tyranny. If the government reaches too far in its quest for power, sooner or later the people will rise up and overthrow the oppressors. Knowing that there are millions of law abiding citizens out there that own guns makes the government a little queasy about taking more and more freedom from the masses. I think that there is a direct link between how much a government wants power and how much they want to take guns away from citizens. Make no mistake about it, gun registration is just one more step toward seizing those guns. We’ll discuss more about firearm registration in the future. Right now we must fight hard to keep our right to bear arms. All of the rest of our freedoms rest upon it.

John A. Wilson
Conservative Action Project

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  1. There is a reason the founders put it second. If not for the second, you certainly would never have the first. The rest fall in line behind as well. Any populace that cannot arm itself against a potentially threatening government is enslaved. That is history, without debate. Thanks for the blog.
    Linda Newbury