Monday, October 26, 2009

More on the Healthcare Bill

Sometimes the hardest thing about blogging is trying to decide what to write about. It’s not that there isn’t anything to write about, but just the opposite. There is so much going on that it is impossible to concentrate on one issue. I could write for days about what is or isn’t a serious threat to our freedom, but I think it would behoove me to try my best to stick to one topic. For right now, I think I’ll stick to the Healthcare Overhaul.

Today Harry Reid sent the Senate’s version of the Healthcare Bill to the CBO to have it marked up. We won’t be able to view the finished bill until the day before it is voted on. The problem is, it is more than 2500 pages long. I have no problem with the length of the bill. When you are writing in “Legalese” the paper gets pretty long. What bothers me is the fact that the public is not being given enough time to read and evaluate just what is in the bill. What is the big hurry? The bill won’t go into effect until 2013, so why does it have to be voted on this week? We’ve heard it before, “We must act now, tomorrow is too late.” A sieve holds water better than that statement. It is not that the bill MUST be acted upon quickly, it’s that the libs don’t want us to read the bill before they pass it. What do they have to hide? I keep hearing what this bill will contain and what it won’t, but if we are being told the truth, why can’t we read the bill? We do know that the “Public Option” is in the bill, Prince Harry already said so. Reid is totally convinced that a large majority of Americans are in favor of the Public Option. I am not sure just what poll Prince Harry is looking at. The approval rating of the bill is well below 50%.

It seems that the Dems are in denial, they see two million Tea Party Patriots on the mall in Washington DC and they think it is all a put-on. They see people all over the country organizing and standing up for what they believe in and call us Astro Turf. They see the polls that show them losing the war of public opinion and dismiss them as being manipulated by rich Republicans. Well, they are going to get a wake-up call in just a little over a year from now. We are going to get together, we are going to campaign, we are going to raise funds, we are going to work the phones, we are going to send tons of mail and we are going to vote them OUT in ’10!

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